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The Ryan Conley Memorial Fund Scholarship Award

Ryan was an important part of the community in his own way and although he never saved anyone from a burning building, you could usually find him at the local firehouse cooking pancakes with his dad during the monthly fund raising breakfast. He was always just glad to hang-out with his friends and do his part.

The Ryan Conley Memorial Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded to a Glenelg High senior who is active in the community. The Scholarship recognizes one of those students who doesn’t necessarily stand out academically, athletically, or musically, but truly tries to make their community a better place in their own way.

In short, it is meant to recognize the usually unrecognized, self effacing, average student who gives freely of themselves to help others and who truly enjoys community service.

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eMail applications to :  Mindy_Hirsch@hcpss.org


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Glenelg High School
Attn : Mindy Hirsch
14025 Burntwoods Road
Glenelg, MD 21737